Philips Heartstart Smart Pads II For FRX AED

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These Philips HeartStart SMART Pads II are perfect for the Philips FRx AED device. They are pre-connected and contained in a protective, rigid case. The pads are good for two years from the time of manufacture and suitable for use on cardiac arrest sufferers over 8 years old and over 55 pounds.


Easy to use. The pads should always be pre-connected to the AED, so when an emergency strikes, the pads can be quickly opened and attached to the patients chest. Each pad features a unique placement diagram so there’s no confusion as to where you should apply the electrodes.

Intuitive technology. The SMART pads can detect when they’ve been attached to a patient’s chest and will send instant heart rhythm assessments to the defibrillator. This saves you precious time in an emergency and ensures that any necessary electrical shocks are delivered quickly and effectively.

Compact design. The Philips HeartStart SMART Pads II weigh just 0.15 lbs and measure 10 × 6.5 × 10 in. They can be stored alongside the defibrillator without adding any significant weight to the case.

How to Use Philips FRx SMART Pads II

  1. Attach the SMART Pads adapter to the device if it’s not already attached (should be pre-attached)
  2. Press the Green “Power” button to turn on the defibrillator
  3. Expose the patient’s chest and peel the pads from the casings.
  4. Apply the pads firmly to the patient’s chest according to the diagram on the back of each pad.
  5. Follow the audible instructions provided by the FRx defibrillator and press the “Shock” button only if prompted to do so. Do not touch the patient while the machine is delivering electrical shocks.

Order Your Philips FRx Pads

It’s always a good idea to keep an extra set of pads for an emergency. If you don’t currently have an extra set, or if your current pads are about to expire, order the Philips FRx SMART Pads II from AED Leader today. We offer one-year low-price protection and a 100% moneyback guarantee.