Philips Heartstart Pads For Onsite AED M5071A

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Philips HeartStart Onsite Adult SMART AED pads (model number M5071A) have a 2-year shelf life and are easy to apply during a cardiac emergency.

These pads are designed for use on cardiac arrest victims at least 8 years of age and at least 55 pounds. If you need a set of Philips AED pads designed for small children, purchase the Philips OnSite Infant/Child Cartridge Electrode Pads.


These Philips HeartStart pads are designed with adapters that snap into place for a seamless connection to the AED.

Just pull down on the handle of the pad cartridge to expose the pads. Apply each pad to the patients chest with the adhesive surface down. Each pad includes an easy-to-follow placement diagram, so you always know exactly where to place the pads.

These SMART pads detect when they’ve been opened and attached to a patient’s chest, so the AED can immediately begin assessing the patient’s heart rhythm with no downtime.

Is It Time to Replace Your Philips AED Pads?

  • If your HeartStart AED pads are nearing their two-year expiration, purchase a replacement set immediately. Even if the old pads haven’t been used, they are not intended for use after two years. Over time, the gel adhesive dries up and is incapable of adhering firmly to human skin. As a result, the pads are unable to deliver the necessary electric shocks safely.
  • If your existing Philips M5071A pads have already been used during a cardiac emergency, throw them away and purchase a replacement set. AED pads are only designed for one emergency.
  • If you only have one set of Philips AED pads currently on hand, we recommend purchasing a backup set. If your existing pads lose their adhesion or need to be thrown away following external defibrillation, you don’t want to be left without a reliable set.