Defibtech Lifeline ECG

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The Defibtech Lifeline ECG is one of the most advanced AED models available, trusted by trained medical personnel worldwide. This defibrillator boasts an award-winning ergonomic design and is equipped with enhanced ECG rescue guidance, perfect for professional responders who want more from their defibrillator.

What’s Included:

  • New Defibtech Lifeline ECG defibrillator
  • Carry Case
  • 8-Year Warranty
  • User Manual
  • Pads & Battery (Pre-Installed)
  • First Responder Kit
  • AED Inspection Card (I-Tag)
  • “AED On-Site” Window Decal (AEDecal)
  • Club AED (Pad and Battery Expiration Reminders)


  • The device uses biphasic waveform technology to ensure the greatest possible likelihood of saving a life during a cardiac emergency.
  • The full-color interactive video display provides step-by-step coaching for CPR chest compressions, rescue breathing, and defibrillation.
  • A built-in metronome makes it easy to maintain the optimal rate of chest compressions during CPR.
  • The CPR coach can alternate between compression-only and compression-plus-rescue-breathing.
  • The Lifeline ECG is one of the only AEDs that allow the user to view real-time ECG data while performing CPR and defibrillation.
  • The One-Touch Status Screen allows users to confirm, at a glance, that the device, software, pads, and battery are all in excellent working order.
  • The award-winning ergonomic design makes the ECG easy to manage in an emergency; the defibrillator weighs less than 3 pounds and features a convenient rubber gripping surface to prevent drops.
  • USB and memory card capabilities make it easy to transfer ECG data and update the device as needed.

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This rugged AED comes with over ₹4163.98 worth of additional accessories, so you’ll have everything you need to save a life in a cardiac emergency. Get free shipping and our low-price guarantee on a truly advanced defibrillator.