Defibtech Lifeline AED Battery (High Capacity DBP-2800)

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Order the Defibtech DBP-2800 high-capacity battery, designed for use with the Lifeline collection of AEDs, including:

Defibtech Lifeline AED

Defibtech Lifeline ECG

Because Defibtech AEDs run exclusively on battery power, it’s always a good idea to keep a spare replacement battery on hand for emergencies.


With its 7-year lifespan, the Defibtech 2800 is one of the longest-lasting AED batteries on the market.

The battery pack includes a separate 9-volt lithium battery that powers all of the device’s daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests. The main battery lasts longer because it doesn’t waste precious energy on routine device maintenance.

This is a high-capacity battery pack; the added shock capacity makes it suitable for high-use environments like hospitals and clinics. If you just need a standard-use battery suitable for rare emergencies, we also offer the Defibtech Standard DBP-1400 battery. The 1400 model has a standby life of 5 years and is compatible with the same defibrillators as the 2800.

Installing the High Capacity DBP-2800 Battery

Installation is a breeze. First, make sure to observe the expiration date stamped on the battery. When you’re ready to install:

  • Remove the pad cartridge on the back of your Lifeline AED to reveal the battery compartment.
  • Push the notch to remove the existing spring-loaded battery.
  • Insert the new battery. When it snaps into place, you’ll hear a beep. Then the Lifeline AED will run a self-test to confirm a successful connection.
  • When the self-test is complete, note the confirmation message on the main display.

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